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From:  (David Stodolsky)
Subject: CRYONICS: Re: Administrivia: Flame-Retardant Mailing List?
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 94 14:00:17 +0100 (CET)

In Regards to your letter <>:
> retrieves archives via email.  I haven't (yet) created another
> CRYONICS.POLITICS mailing list at cryonet.org, though.  Should I?

Yes. Best to transfer all old services to the new site and make 
sure they are working before trying any new stuff.

> Some of the recent commentary about people not receiving the kind
> of messages they want leads me to think again of enabling personalized
> message filters like those available on the Extropians list.  In case
> you are not familiar with that, on the Extropians list you can tell
> the list software something like:
>   "Exclude from my digests any messages from people AAA or BBB
>   or on topic ZZZ."
> (It has a lot more nifty options, too.)  The owner of c2.org (the
> host site for cryonet.org) was concerned that the Extropians list
> software would use too many CPU cycles, so I didn't pursue it further.
> Should I?  (He may charge more money to run the mailing list that way.)

This is a bogus argument. We need to conserve brain "cycles", not CPU
cycles. Check of the MLM faq for efficiency considerations:

> Furthermore, what if most of the people on the list want to exclude
> messages from some disruptive person AAA?  In that case, since it likely
> costs more money to create personalized digests than a one-size-fits-all
> digest, one cost-saving measure I might be tempted to implement would
> be to make the exclusion of AAA's messages the _default_ for the list.
> People who want to see AAA's messages then would need to issue requests
> for personalized digests that _include_ them.  (Hopefully, this proposal

Not a good idea. Save this for people who have been warned that they
are posting to the wrong list, and should be posting to CRYONICS.POLITICS


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