X-Message-Number: 3489
Date: Wed, 14 Dec 1994 11:10:32 +6000
From: Trygve Bauge <>
Subject: CRYONICS. Solution to copyright controversy. 

It would be nice to be able to post copyrighted articles,
and have the copyright respected,
without messing up anyone's automatic downloading and retrival program,
it would also be nice to post long files without offending those
who don't have the capacity to handle such.

There are several ways this could be accomplished:

Copyrighted and large articles could be marked in their header.
e.g. with the word COPYRIGHT or LONG included in the subject line,

In the long run standard headers could include a field:
forward-to:  NON/ALL/specific mailing list, e-mail address or IP #
or copyright-by: e-mail address
that mailing lists and downloading programs can be structured
to respect.

(A forward to field would come in handy for automatically forwarding to 
e-mail addresses what one post to news groups too, and any follow up post.)
(And an automatic message could be sent to the copyright holder each
time the message is copied.)

In the short run maybe one could include the word COPYRIGHT
in the subject line, so that anyone who has automatic downloading
could filter what they download so not to include such articles.
Say Kevin, is this something that can be implemented?

The alternative is of course to not post copyrighted articles.
Which means that the mailing list would be so much poorer.
Excluding copyrighted articles doesn't mean that these will be posted
without a copyright clause. It just means that many articles and ideas
won't be distributed on this list, period.

An improvisation might be to set it up so that your mail distribution
program looks for the word COPYRIGHT in the message field, the way it has 
looked for the word CRYONICS, and when it finds this, then it passes on 
only a brief automated message to the subscribers that a copyrighted article
has been posted, its topic and length and who posted it,
and that this file is only available by manual download under a specific 
message number, for the members of the list.
Would that work?
That would enable people to release copyrighted articles to the list,
and long articles too for that matter. There wouldn't be a conflict
between automated downloading and respect for the copyright.
And those who want to download a long article can do so.

The option could even be expanded. Maybe the word CRYONICS.ARCHIVE
could be used so that a message goes directly into the archive,
and isn't automatically forwarded to anyone on the list.
And so that the subscribers just get a brief notice that a file has
been added to the archive, its topic, length and who posted it
and that this file might be copyrighted and should only be downloaded
manually, for review by the list subscribers? 
The archive could even be filtered so that only subscribers can download
any copyrighted file.
Or maybe your mail distribution system could have a cutoff by size
so that messages over a certain length are treated similarly:
they are stored in the archive, and only a brief message are 

A different option is of course to just post a brief pointer that a 
longer or copyrighted file is available on a server somewhere.

In the mean time, let me state that I don't have any problem
with cryonisists privately sharing the two copyrighted articles
I posted to the cryonet. These were meant as pointers to my
WWW pages, and when I released them to the cryonet, it meant giving a 
free review copy to all who subscribe to the cryonet.
The lengthy copyright message tried to explain this.
I also asked that anyone contact me for permission before
copying the file beyond how I had posted it.
 did just that, post de facto, 
and it is in response to his request, that I grant cryonisists
permission to pass on the 2 files privately to other cryonisists.

What I want to guard against is anyone reproducing the articles
commercially or on a large scale without compensating me,
or anyone reposting the articles without the copyright message.

So Kevin, can the mailing list be programmed
to look for the word COPYRIGHT in the subject line,
or to reroute large files directly to the archive
with a brief message going out to the mailing list?

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