X-Message-Number: 3491
Date: 15 Dec 94 00:15:58 EST
From: Mike Darwin <>
Subject: CRYONICS taming the shrews

I like Ben Best's idea.  I think a moderator should be available to first warn
and then enforce segregation of topics.  The warning should be public so that
others can know and understand the criteria used.

No one is proposing censorship as Pizer recently protested.  What is being
proposed is something called MANNERS, otherwise known as the lubrication that
makes human social interaction possible.  In small groups manners are enforced
in all kinds of little ways and sometimes in big ways.  Most of us know when we
have comitted a faux pau in a social setting.

Finally, as I believe Steve Jackson pointed out, if people want to put nasty,
accussatory or inneundo laden posts out for public view, they are NOT being
censored because they can't do it on Cryonet.  Come on, this is the age of
information.  I'm sure Kevein would be happy (overjoyed!) to post a notice from
anyone who wants to start a new net called  CHARACTER ASSASSINATION.CRYONICS
where people can forward all their angry posts.

Mike Darwin

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