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Date: Thu, 25 Apr 1996 20:36:39 -0400 (EDT)
From: Charles Platt <>
Subject: Timothy Leary

> The interesting part was:
>        " When Leary feels his time is up he says he will take a 'suicide
> cocktail'. But even at that, he's hedging his bets - he wants his body
> frozen by the Cryocare cryogenics lab for future resurrection."
> According to the article he also refers to his bedroom as - "the
> de-animation room"

In Timothy Leary's autobiographical book FLASHBACKS he makes no secret of
his expertise as a showman/media manipulator. He mentions that Marshall
McLuhan gave him some early pointers. Please bear in mind, therefore, 
that news stories about Leary will include quotes designed more for 
impact than for scrupulous accuracy.

As has already been pointed out here, CryoCare has advised Mr. Leary
strongly against suicide, since unnatural death usually entails an autopsy
with major brain damage caused not only by dissection, but also by the
long period (at least 24 hours) during which the body may be stored

I believe Timothy Leary wanted his death to be the ultimate media event, 
the last grand chord to the symphony of his life. Unfortunately, death is 
not always so obliging and is freqently preceded by gradual loss of 
faculties, progressively increasing pain, and other manifestations of the 
gradual breakdown of a complex biological system.

None of us can yet guess how the conflict between this grim reality and 
Mr. Leary's idealized vision will be resolved. We're naturally doing all 
we can to make sure he receives proper nursing care, and we are working 
with residents at Mr. Leary's house, where part of the BioPreservation 
standby kit has already been placed.

--Charles Platt

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