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From: Randy Smith <>
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Subject: Time magazine Leary article
Date: 25 Apr 1996 15:14:54 GMT
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I just finished reading the April 29 Time article on Tim Leary.(available 
online at Time homepage) Cryocare is mentioned at the end and the overall 
tone of the piece is positive and leans to "warm and fuzzy".
There is also an article by Ken Kesey about Leary. 

I assume Time thinks the baby boom generation is feeling nostalgic about 
the 60s and senses some reader interest there. If so, as events unfold 
there may be some widespread publicity for cryonics in this. 

If Leary is cryopreserved he should be the most famous person to do so, 
correct? What possible effect will this have on public attitudes towards 
cryonics? Leary is ostensibly a "high-status" person, and I know some 
cryonicists believe cryonics will not really take off until such a 
high-status person goes in on it. 

Of course some people will see Leary as much less than high-status, for 
obvious reasons, but would that type of person be attracted to cryonics 
anyway? Leary arguably led many in western civilization to a "higher 
consciousness" in the 60s. Will he be able to do it again??

Randy Smith

do not go gentle into that good night
rage, rage against the dying of the light

 Dylan Thomas

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