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Newsgroups: sci.cryonics
From: Philip Sorensen <>
Subject: Cryopreservation field
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Date: Fri, 26 Apr 1996 08:34:00 GMT

I am doing a project on the field of cryopreservation, in particular, 
cryopreservation of tissue engineering components and products.  I am 
looking for info giving an overview of the field, key players (e.g. 
Cryolife), new developments, market for cryo-techniques, etc. for 
tissue, organs, skin/skin equivalents.

Can anybody point me to a good article they've seen, who the key 
companies are, key universities, etc. Or would someone be kind enough to 
provide their phone # and give me 5 mins. so that I might call you back 
to discuss this project?

Thx in advance.

P. Sorensen

Philip Sorensen
Advanced Technology Innovations, Inc.
2800 Shirlington Road, #704
Arlington, VA  22206 
Ph: 703-379-5533   Fx: 703-379-5535

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