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Subject: Re: Cryopreservation field
Date: 4 May 1996 16:27:46 -0400
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The journal Cryobiology, available at the U. of Colorado library and
probably somewhere near you, is the best source I've found.  There was
also a book with a title something like "Engineering Challenges in
Cryobiology (or maybe Low Temperature Tissue Preservation)", that was a
good summary, albeit from the late 80's.

Basically, crystalized ice is the enemy, vitrification is good, and they
can freeze aortas and have them function (help pump blood) to about 80%
original efficiency most of the time.  But they can't do larger organs
yet.  I think there was claim recently that some doctor in South Africa
had frozen and revived a whole (cow?) heart, but I'm not sure this was
ever confirmed or anyone else was able to repeat the experiment. (I think
it was discussed here but that thread had expired when I looked again.)  

My overall impression is they're stuck where they were 10 years ago, still
wishing they could freeze organs for storage and later transplant.

Good luck, 
Alan Mole  

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