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Subject: Re: Timothy Leary Renounces Cryonics
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Date: Tue, 7 May 1996 18:48:43 GMT

What readers of sci.cryonics may or may not know is that Platt posted a 
memo to the cryonics mailing list () yesterday to the
effect that BPI had refused Leary services and I am also informed that
Mike Darwin actually had the gaul to lecture Mr. Leary's friends before 
he and Platt removed the standby kits from Leary's house. And Platt 
wonders why Leary was so alienated that he called him up and let him off the 
hook? Frankly, if anyone ever treated me as badly as the CryoCare family 
of companies have treated Leary, I'd not only discontinue my membership, 
but I'd also consider suing the pants off them! Here they are TRYING to 
pass themselves off as the leader in cryonics, and then they treat their 
membership with such contempt.

It looks like my (once called paranoid) fears have become reality-- that a 
cryonics group dedicated to the preservation of life would refuse to serve 
people just because they got frustrated with family and friends. It looks to 
me to be a blatant case of discrimination on CryoCare and BPI's part-- 
this is consistent with the time that I had requested paperwork from them 
just so I could compare what they had with what others were using, and 
Platt himself on the CryoNet authoritarily told me that *he* didn't think 
I was really interested and that being the reason given that I never 
received copies of their paperwork that I would have even paid the 
postage to get.

I would be very skeptical of organizations that act this way and have 
such little regard for their members. I would further encourage anyone
who is seriously considering cryonics to sign up with a more reputable 
organization that has a track record for defending its patients instead
of leaving them out in the cold as it were. Alcor and CI are two such 
organizations, and their telephone numbers and contact information can 
be retrivied from the net (Alcor is at http://www.alcor.org/ and CI may 
be reached via ).

Ever forward,


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