X-Message-Number: 6157
Date: Wed, 8 May 1996 05:56:39 -0400 (EDT)
From: Charles Platt <>
Subject: Cosenza again

> What readers of sci.cryonics may or may not know is that Platt posted a 
> memo to the cryonics mailing list () yesterday to the
> effect that BPI had refused Leary services

Cosenza is misquoting me. I said no such thing, as he is well aware.

> And Platt 
> wonders why Leary was so alienated that he called him up and let him off the 
> hook? 

Leary was not alienated; he said he hoped we could remain on good terms,
and he invited me to drop in and see him later. I didn't wonder anything;
it is very clear to me why Leary has lost interest in cryonics, which
seemed a fun concept in the past but now has morbid implications that are
totally out of place in a home where everyone is trying to sustain a
feelgood atmosphere around the process of death. 

I remind David that Leary formerly quit from Alcor, and has now made it
clear that he's not interested in joining ANY cryonics organization,
including Alcor, despite pleas from close friends who are Alcor members.
Why is this, David, if your organization is so superior to mine? 

> It looks like my (once called paranoid) fears have become reality-- that a 
> cryonics group dedicated to the preservation of life would refuse to serve 
> people just because they got frustrated with family and friends. 

A total and deliberate mischaracterization of events.

> this is consistent with the time that I had requested paperwork from them 
> just so I could compare what they had with what others were using, and 
> Platt himself on the CryoNet authoritarily told me that *he* didn't think 
> I was really interested and that being the reason given that I never 
> received copies of their paperwork that I would have even paid the 
> postage to get.

Yes, I chose to conserve our funds by not bothering to mail free
literature to David Consenza. I think this was a wise decision.

--Charles Platt

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