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Subject: Re: Timothy Leary Renounces Cryonics
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Date: Fri, 10 May 1996 18:06:10 GMT

The various posts today regarding Timothy Leary show that perceptions can
be a strong influence on reality. I've read that whole hatchet piece in
the LA Times, and it does put paid to the whole matter (even though the
bias is obvious even to people who've never heard of cryonics).

One last thought: on the day that cryonics can offer a guarantee of
success, I'll agree with Steve Harris on the necessity of integrating
procedure with medical care. Even now it's an option I'd probably take for
myself, but it's not a requirement that a cryonics organization should make 
as a condition of service. No, cryonics ain't fun for the people doing it,
but once in a while the patient may have other ideas.

As with most controversies, the final result speaks for itself.

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