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Date:  Sun, 12 May 96 16:11:49 
From: dave <>
Subject: leary situation

Short note on the Leary situation and VentureVille
>From Dave pizer

One of the things we have learned from this situation is that a concept 
like VentureVille will be useful in some instances.  There was a 
similar situation many years ago when a member became old and senile and 
the courts had a conservator appointed who canceled the member's 

If we would have had VentureVille up and running, in that instance and 
perhaps if Leary would have been living there, these situations might have 
been avoided.  It is best for older or terminal cryonicists to live where 
they are surronded by other cryonicists rather than anti-cryonicists.  

A percentage of all cryonicists are going to be vulnerable when they become 
older to pressures of relatives or friends or court appointed guardians to 
leave cryonics.

The present VentureVille is not adequate.   Therefore we will probably sell 
it and use the profits to buy a more of an apartment type facility.  

The other thing we have learned from this is that maybe all cryonics 
organizations should refrain from trying to get members to switch when the 
members are elderly or terminal.  It is best to leave a member where they 
are in these situations as the existing company knows a lot of the 
personality of the member and probably is in better condition to deal with 
things like what we have seen happen.

Of course if a member comes to another company and asks to transfer that's 
one thing.  But that would be different from one company constantly 
pressuring them to switch when they are elderly or terminal.

I had spent several days at Tim's house in the past and found him to be a 
very nice person.  I am very sad that it worked out this way.  I am glad 
that CryoCare people are publically discussing this and hope we can learn 
all the details.  Tim was a special man that does not come along too often.

I hope we all can learn things from this so that we 
might prevent it from ever happening again.

Dave Pizer 

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