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Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 00:50:16 -0800
From: Paul Wakfer <>
Subject: Re: #9003 & 9004 on Prometheus 

I bear him no malice and I am sure his intentions were good in doing so,
but Thomas Donaldson had no right to make a public announcement of
information taken from a private message sent to a select few
individuals which included him. I know that, in his own way, he is
trying to help and, I suppose, is concerned that some opportunity may be
lost. I believe that this concern is misplaced and I want to assure
everyone that we are certainly not working against one another. In fact,
in my recent problems (see below) he was my biggest and most vocal

I was very distraught, and still am, from certain events relating to the
Prometheus Project which had occurred over what was supposed to be a
happy and relaxing holiday time for me, when just after I had arrived
back in Southern California and thought that I had them under control,
on Tuesday, the same problems emerged more profoundly than ever with
none other than the bane of my cryonics existence behind them.

For the time being, please ignore the contents of Thomas' two messages
of yesterday or, at least, do not take any action relating to them.
There are still many possibilities to be pursued. Please be kind enough
to give me a bit of time to work some things out. I promise to inform
you as soon as any final decisions are made. If anyone wishes more
information immediately, or thinks that they might be able to help, s/he
is welcome to send me private email. In the mean time, I thank you all
for your patience and some human understanding of the need for repair
time for a very wounded human psyche.

-- Paul --

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