X-Message-Number: 9015
From: Ofarrell <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 1998 23:49:03 EST
Subject: Re: "Prometheus"  and 21st Century Medicine

For Immediate Release
16 January, 1998
From: 21st Century Medicine, 
Contact Person: Joan O'Farrell, COO
Re: "Prometheus" and 21st Century Medicine

Recently there have been statements, speculations and suggestions posted to
various Internet venues regarding 21st Century Medicine (hereinafter
referred to as 21CM or "the company") and the Prometheus Project, The
Prometheus Pilot Project and the Life on Hold Trust (hereinafter referred
to as "Prometheus").  Because of the inappropriateness and inaccuracies
both expressed and implied in these statements 21CM is issuing the
following clarifications:

1) There is currently no relationship between Prometheus and 21st Century

2) Over the past few weeks 21CM has sought legal advice from its corporate
and securities lawyers (based on the information available to us) regarding
Prometheus and the possible structure under which any cooperative effort
between Prometheus and 21CM could go forward.  We have been advised by
counsel that in their opinion any interaction between 21CM and Prometheus
constitutes an unacceptable risk to 21CM due to the structure of Prometheus
and unresolved concerns regarding securities laws, the need for a
Prospectus, the need for legal review by competent securities and corporate
lawyers, and the need for a management structure which is accountable to
contributors and investors. 

3) We note from both public and private communications that similar
conclusions have been reached by the Alcor Life Extension Foundation, the
Immortalist Society, the Cryonics Institute and the American Cryonics

4) 21CM is a for-profit biomedical research and development company with
current research commitments in the areas of cardiopulmonary-cerebral
resuscitation, shock, and liquid and solid state preservation of the heart,
brain and kidney.  At this time 21CM has substantial intellectual property
in these areas and is pursuing patent protection.  It is a core objective
of 21CM to aggressively pursue commercial development, application and
profit from the intellectual property and technologies it develops.

5) Pursuant to 4) above, any cooperative ventures or agreements 21CM enters
into with other entities (for-profit, non-profit, corporations,
individuals, trusts, etc.) will be rigorously structured to protect the
interests of 21CM.  Further, all such agreements will be subjected to
careful review by counsel.  _No such agreements are in place between 21CM
and Prometheus at this time, nor are they being contemplated for the future
given the current structure and management of Prometheus._

6) As previously noted, 21CM is a for-profit privately held stock
corporation.  Suggestions that 21CM be the recipient of donations from
Prometheus "pledgers" or "investors" are inappropriate. While it is true
that 21CM has as a core research goal the development of reversible
biopreservation methods for organs and organisms (including and especially
the mammalian brain) it is also important to understand that the company
has research commitments in other areas which promise an anticipated faster
track to commercial application and revenue generation and thus that the
priorities of the company will be influenced by these other research

7) Individuals wishing to support brain cryopreservation research via
directed _charitable contributions_ to a  501(c)3  tax-exempt, nonprofit
corporation should contact the Life Extension Foundation at 1(800)

8) Questions regarding the present or future status of Prometheus should
_not_ be directed to 21CM, its directors or officers, as the company has no
current or anticipated interest in or anticipated interaction with

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