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From: "Berrie Staring" <>
Subject: Dutch Transhumans
Date: Mon, 19 Jan 1998 10:59:34 +0100

Hello All,

Via this mail I would like to introduce myself to you.
I'm Berrie Staring. I work as Data-base manager at a
large express firm. I'm 26 and in the middle of signing
up with Alcor.

First, I would like to invite you to visit our site:


Although there isn't much English-news for you, I 
think you can get an idea of what we are trying to do in 
the Netherlands. We already have some media attention.
But since we want to make sure that the correct message
regarding Cryonics comes across we are not accepting every
offer we get. Recently I gave a radio-interview on our national
news radio. We generated some extra hits, but at the moment
no extra members. I feel this has to do with "learning" what it's
all about.

Further, I work on a sound version of a Dutch-insurance for
Cryonics (at the moment for Alcor). If all goes well, and at the
moment it looks very good, we can copy this one to all the new
Dutch members. 3 of my friends are waiting for this insurance
deal and will sign-up directly after we closed it.

Jim Halperin: If we somehow can help, to get attention from
Dutch publishers, please drop me a note. Although I didn't
read your book at this moment, according to this list I can
make this offer blindly :-)

Anyway, the idea behind this mail is to let you know that there
are some very dedicated people in Holland trying to build a 
new Cryo-network. We very much would like to get some sort
of European-team up and running. So, I invite you all to mail me,
and let me know your idea's, or critics regarding our approach.
Other then that, I just like to know other people who share my 
interests and vision of life.

Best regards,


=====================================Berrie Staring  Email : 

Co-founder: Transcedo  Dutch >H Society
Site: http://www.dse.nl/~transced/
" So, you own the seed........ It will not become
  a Bonsai, unless you let it grow and cut wisely"

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