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Subject: Fwd: research

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Subject: Re: research
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Subject: Re: research
Date: 19 Jan 98

Dear Mr. Ettinger:

I agree with "Outline of the Pilot Prometheus Project by Greg Fahy"
that the hippocampal slice is the best model for survival examination of
cryopreserved brain pieces and whole brains. I with Drs. Marchenko and
Shilo for the first time had shown that the rabbit brain pieces can be
revived after its cryopreservation with glycerol at -196 C using brain
slices as a test (The Im., 1995, vol. 26, No. 9 and 11). In my program
(The Im., 1996, vol. 27, No. 3), I also had proposed to work with brain
slices. Then I had sent the e-mail message to you where I had expressed my
dream to work just with brain slice culture in joint cryonics lab because
it had not been possible in our Ukrainian conditions. I think that my
works stimulated the use of brain slices for cryonics research by 21 CM
(M. Darwin and G. Fahy).

I may definitely say that I would not like to work in USA as a leader but
my dream is simply to work in good condition with cryonicists there. I
seem it will be useful for them and me. I would like to know what a basic
lab on which research for the Prometheus Project will be supposed to
perform. Is it 21 CM and Biopreservation labs? Or another? Is PpP serious
and realistic in general?

You may send this message to the cryonet if you want.

Best wishes--
Yuri Pichugin


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