X-Message-Number: 9039
From: "TheEdge" <>
Subject: Intro and serious yet humorous questions
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 1998 22:07:49 -0000

Dear subscribers of CryoNet,
     I am a new subscriber.  I have a few questions, which I would like
answered but which may seem a little humorous.

-What if something happens to a client's trustfund/investments, etc. that
pay the fees to remain suspended?  Does the company let them thaw out
somewhere and dispose of the body?

-Can a life insurance policy be taken out with the client as his/her own
beneficiary, receiving the benefits himself/herself upon their death, and
then using them to pay for cryonic upkeep or as funds at his/her disposal
upon "awakening" from cryonic sleep?

-What happens to all the clients if a company goes out of business?


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