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From: "Berrie Staring" <>
Subject: Probability is not pointless
Date: Sat, 31 Jan 1998 16:08:03 +0100

Dear all,

Although I step into this discussion way to early,
I can't help it :-) I feel I can ad something. I am also
trying to make the same point in a private discussion 
with someone related to the Cryonics society.
(please forgive me my bad english, no spelling checker :-)
If this point has allready been made several times, let
me know...Still I think it's an important one.

I think the people who have signed up now are all very 
smart and know what they are doing. However, the mass
is not even aware of what cloning is let alone Cryonics.
I plead for an organization (Worlwide) that is totaly
comited to market Cryonics in general. This could be 
funded by all parties intrested to buy some shares.

My idea behind this is that you have to educate people
on what they can expect from the future, in a realistic,
not to rosey, but surely positive way. I mean the reason 
to join is to wake up in a "better" world. IMHO you need
to look at all the people as a market, and they are customers
who want to be satisfied. They don't want Cryonics......
that is just a tool to get what they want, the "new" world.

This is what I mis with basicly every Cryonics provider.
They focus on what is technical feasable and what not.
I do agree, that is very important information. But only 
if you are allready in, if you are trying to find the one that best
suits your needs. IMHO, "we" miss a vital step, the one
before you start looking for a Cryo-provider. Why on earth
would anyone with a relative small idea of science join....
their life is focussing totaly on the 100 year max, lifespan.

I think you have to advocate on things like: Yes you can get 
a new body, you will be healtier, you can go beyond earth etc....
The difficult task is to bring it not like science-fiction, but as
a very possible near future. 

My own vision is very simple: I have nothing to loose, If
I am dead I am not aware of it, so I only can gain something.
But, I think this doesn't work that way for everybody.
People like to think in visuals: Beautiful far places, new
frontiers and no pain, no hunger etc......

I don't plead to aim for Joe-sixpack, but I think there
are a lot of people out there who are more then willing
to pay the amounts of money you all ask (especialy with
the life-insurance policy's) for this dream. 
We only need to tell them, that there is a realistic 
chance to get there.
(realistic based on the alternative)

I realize, this is hard...since you could loose even more
crediblity in the scientific-world, but since everybody
saves up all their money to die with a loaded bank account,
I think it worth a very good try.........

Anyway, this is what I would like to contribute to the 
Cryonic society. Stick to the facts, but dare to speculate.
According to several magazines we are in a "long Boom" 
so this would be the ideal time for starting such an 

Best regards,


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