Cryonics Organizations

Alcor is not only a membership and caretaking organization but also does the cryonic suspensions.
Alcor Life Extension Foundation
7895 E. Acoma Dr.
Suite 110
Scottsdale AZ 85260
Voice: (480) 905-1906 & (877) 462-5267 (GO-ALCOR)
FAX: (480) 922-9027

Alcor UK
Alcor UK created their own building and laboratory and attained initial training in transport and perfusion. Alcor UK
Unit 18
Potts Marsh Estate, Eastbourne Road
Westham, East Sussex
Voice: 0323-460257
FAX: 03212-6050
Inquire at the address above for current status.

American Cryonics Society
The American Cryonics Society is the membership organization and the suspensions and caretaking contracted out to other organizations.
American Cryonics Society (ACS)
P.O. Box 1509
Cupertino, CA 95015
(650) 254-2001
FAX: (408) 253-0444

Cryonics Association of Australia
The Cryonics Association of Australia offers support for Australian residents having suspension arrangements, or planning to make such arrangements, with any of the major American cryonics organisations, and seeks to promote the concept generally in Australia.
Cryonics Association of Australia
PO Box 57
Hampton, Victoria 3188
Phone: +61 3 9589-6236

CryoCare Foundation
CryoCare Foundation is the membership organization and the cryopreservations and caretaking are contracted out to other organizations. CryoCare offers extra protection through its separate patient care fund (IPCF) and system of patient care advocates.
[ Update: CryoCare's cryopreservation provider no longer is offering service and thus CryoCare is not accepting new members and has recommended its current members to find cryopreservation support elsewhere. ]
CryoCare Foundation
1013 Centre Road
Suite 301
Wilmington, Delaware 19805-1297
(800) 867-2273 (800-TOP-CARE)

Cryonics Institute
The Cryonics Institute does its own suspension and caretaking of patients.
Cryonics Institute (CI)
24355 Sorrentino Court
Clinton Township, MI 48035
Phone/Fax (810) 791-5961
Email: or

Cryonics Society of Canada
The Cryonics Society of Canada does not perform cryonic suspensions (but has done permafrost interment in Northern Canada).
Cryonics Society of Canada
P.O. Box 788, Station A
Toronto, Ontario Canada M5W 1G3

CryoSpan is a new for-profit company formed for the purpose of providing the securest, most technologically advanced, most responsible long-term cryogenic care of humans and their companion animals at the lowest possible price. It requires that its clients present evidence of an irrevocable trust the income of which will pay these charges.
CryoSpan, Inc.
1013 Centre Road
Suite 301
Wilmington, Delaware 19805-1297
(909) 987-3883
Note: CryoSpan manages the long-term patient care at liquid nitrogen temperature; other organization(s) do the earlier stages of cryosuspension.
[ CryoSpan no longer offers services to new clients. ]

International Cryonics Foundation
The International Cryonics Foundation has arrangements with Trans Time to do the cryonics suspensions and caretaking of patients.
International Cryonics Foundation
1430 N. El Dorado
Stockton, CA 95202
(209) 463-0429
(800) 524-4456

Trans Time
Trans Time does both suspensions and caretaking for cryonics patients.
Trans Time, Inc.
3029 Teagarden St.
San Leandro, CA 94577